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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long do you play for?

Usually we play for approximately 90 minutes split into two sets. Most people like us to play a slightly shorter set first (35-40 minutes) with a longer set (50-55minutes) following the evening food.

What songs will you play?

We play a mixture of songs geared towards the occasion. If there's anything in our repertoire you'd like us to include just let us know!

Do you take requests?

As a general rule, we don't. If however there is a special song that you would like us to play we may just know it so ask away. Generally though, we try and keep our set tight and well structured, and requests tend to get in the way of this, as well as taking a lot of time to get to the high standard we demand!

Will you play our first dance?

It normally works best for the bride and groom to dance together to some pre-chosen music so that they can rehearse the moment and have their special song just the way they like it.
We normally start playing right after the first dance to get people out of their seats and a-partying-away!

What are the costs?

This depends on where your wedding / event is and how long we're required for. Drop us a line and we can give you a quote based on your needs.

Where can you play (what sort of venue)?

The Wedding Crashers will play anywhere: marquees, pubs, hotels, fields, barns....we'll take any challenge!

What equipment do we need to provide?

All you would need to make sure of is that there is at least two 13amp (min) power sockets and enough space for a six-piece band. The Wedding Crashers will provide the rest, including full PA, mics and basic lighting.

Can our guests get involved with the band?

Yes. In the past we have had members of the wedding party perform with us on request and this can be a lot of fun. Try and let us know in advance so we can fit them in.

Do the band request food & drink?

No, we are paid a fee and that is all we can expect. However, should there be a hog roast on the go, we would never turn down a little snack in our break.

How long does it take for you to set up?

We like to prepare as much in advance as we can but we need a minimum of 90 minutes between arrival and opening set-time. Most of the weddings we have played at, after following the wedding breakfast and speeches, guests go and mingle in the bar and the room is prepared for the disco / dancing. We normally load in at this point and our set-up / sound check time is 60 minutes.


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